28 May 2007

the amazing adventures of jake & mustack

lately, bb's favorite thing to do (when we aren't outside) is play "jake and mustack." it's very easy to do. i thought i'd do a little show and tell for you.

basically jake and mustack drive around their town in their fancy red convertible and visit all their favorite places. . . usually more than once. and more than twice in the case of the chocolate shoppe.

i have to "be jake." i'm not allowed to "be mustack." and mustack gets to drive the cool car. jake has to be the sidekick. but that's cool. jake doesn't mind. and he tries not to backseat drive.

usually the dialogue goes something like this,
"jake, let's go to the chocolate shoppe!"
"what kind of chocolates do YOU want?"
"ummm, i like the chocolate caramel ones. how about you?"
"weeeeeelll, let's go see what they have."

(jake and mustack walk in to the shoppe.)

mustack says, "i'll have a chocolate cake and a chocolate cream and a chocolate caramel!"

jake says, "i'll have a chocolate chip cookie!"

mustack says, "ok, lets go eat them in the car!"

(jake and mustack drive to the next destination. this goes on until they've gone everywhere at least twice. when we go to the library usually mustack gets a book with a crazy title.)

mustack will say, "i got a book about planes, chairs, milk, candles and hats! what did you get?"

below you will find photos of their town.

we have so much fun riding the guys around and talking about their adventures. when we're done, of course, we crash the town down and start fresh the next day.

and yeah, sometimes i really don't wanna play jake and mustack AGAIN, but i take a deep breath, get on the floor and say, "hey mustack, where should we go first?" cause i'm a mom. and that's what we do.


sandiland said...

Oh that is so nice. You are such a good mom to play it again.........

It is what mom's do and it doesn't really stop-only changes a bit. It's a sign of family and lots of love!!!

Tracey said...

:) How sweet. And be glad that you documented it so well, because (as I'm sure you know) one day, Jake and Mustack will be no more and will slip from your memory. It's sad, but it's true. I do remember several of the "games" I'd do with each boy when they'd reach that repetitive imagination game stage. But none so clearly as you just wrote!