10 April 2007

trying to chill

does anyone remember in the movie Say Anything when Lloyd tells. . . somebody, "you must CHILL!!!?" i think they are at a party or something. the same party where Lily Taylor's character is singing about joe. "joe steals. joe lies." strumming her guitar so badly.

anyone remember that? i didn't make it up, did i?

i hope not, because everyday i hear John Cusack in my head telling me i must chill.

we're trying to sell our house and buy a new one at the same time. it's freaking me out. i have no idea how people do this. what if we find a great place and no one wants our old one? what if the opposite happens? what if no one likes our house? i love my house. i think it's cool and comfy. i 'm not sure i can take it if people criticize it.

i feel afraid that somehow i'll end up having to settle or i'll have to live somewhere i don't want to. which is silly, i know, because i can just not move. problem is our lives change a lot come september and this house doesn't suit those changes, so i sorta feel like we have to move. and then i feel the pressure. and it turns me into a sleepless freak. and lloyd starts running around my head.

lloyd, dude, i'm trying.


Jamie said...

We have only bought one house, never sold one, so I have no idea how people do it! It's scary, because you do NOT want to settle on a house, way too big of a decision! I would say to find a house first, because that is harder. If the price is right on yours, you can always sell. But what do I know. :)

(And yes, I do make my headers!)

Allie said...

I understand how you feel. We would love to get a new house but unfortunately finances won't allow it along with the pricey housing market here. So, that meant putting the little man in the downstairs bedroom to vacate the smaller room beside ours for the baby. We put the baby monitor in his room so we could always feel like he was right beside us. So far it has worked out okay, but I find myself constantly searching the papers and internet for a bigger house.

Try not to stress out too much. That is the LAST thing that you need to deal with right now. Other than that - how are you feeling now?

beth said...

Ok, you must chill. Really, you must chill. It will all work out. People buy and sell homes all the time and they survive - so will you. That said, we decided to put our house hunt on hold partially because it was too overwhelming while pregnant...we had many other reasons too) :) So I totally feel you, but you must chill!

sari said...

There are worse people to have in your head than John Cusack, ha ha!

It will be ok. You will find a great house. Someone will find yours. You will be a bit sad at leaving your comfy cozy house, but happy in your new home.

I know it!

Lene said...

I love that movie!

Moving and buying a house is such a stressful time. Easy for me to say, but follow Lloyds advice and chill. ;) It will work itself out.