18 April 2007


hey, thanks for all the nice congratulatory comments. it's very sweet to have so many nice blogger buddies chime in like that.

we're still in shock over here. there was no expectation of a girl. i may have mentioned this before, but there is only 1 (ONE) girl in 3 generations hubby's family. they just "don't make girls." so, we figured why should it be any different for us? so, we're floored.

there were lots of "signs" or as we call them "waking dreams" telling us it could be a girl right down to bb always saying he was having a sister whenever we asked which he wanted or thought it would be, but we thought we were reading too much into it, after all, his family "don't make girls."

speaking of bb. he was SO SWEET at the ultrasound. he stood beside me on a little bench with daddy and he kept stroking my arm. he'd say, "i'm giving you gentle touches, mommy!" "are you okay?" "does your tummy feel okay?" he was so good to me. so caring.

when the technician said (with no build up or ceremony) "baby's a girl." i began to cry. bb said, "why you sad, mommy? you okay?" totally not yet able to understand tears of joy, though daddy and i tried to explain the concept as best we could.

i think it wasn't until we were driving home that hubby and i were able to admit to each other how much we wanted a little girl. and it's been hard to tell our friends who wanted girls and didn't get them. i have 2 friends who recently had their second boys and so badly wanted number 2 to be a girl. i have another--my oldest, dearest friend in the world --who has 4 boys who desperately wanted a girl. each time she'd say, "trying for a girl ONE more time." i haven't even told her yet. i feel awful about it. of course i had no control, but still.

on the way home from the ultrasound where we found out bb was a boy, hubby and i went out for cheeseburgers. i think it was what i was craving. so, this time we all 3 went out. got us some burgers and shared a mondo hot fudge caramel brownie sundae together. which was a big deal for bb because he hardly ever eats sweets. we toasted with our spoonfuls. "to a baby sister! CHEERS! *clink*"


Tracey said...

Well, I'm happy for you that you're having a daughter. They are wonderful and the world is sweeter because of them. But - I cannot condone the people who say they are "trying" for a girl. Can't stand it, won't listen to it. You try for a BABY. And hopefully, a healthy one. Yes, you might have true desires for a certain gender, but it is NOT up to the parents, so why the whole hoopla over which you get? Sorry. I hope this doesn't sound all bitchy, but I heard SO MUCH of the "oh, you got your girl!" and "trying for a girl, eh?" when I was pregnant with my daughter (2 boys and a girl) that I wanted to shoot someone. Boys rock. Girls rock. Boys have awesome relationships with their moms. So do girls. Yes, they're different. But it feels like people are saying that having a 4th or 5th or 6th boy is a bad thing... Please!

Oh yeah... this isn't MY blog. Sorry to hijack.

Allie said...

Congrats on hearing your news! How very exciting for your family!! And just wait - you will LOVE it!!

I am pretty sure that our sons are close to the same age and my son LOVES his little sister!! I was so apprehensive as to what the dynamics would be like but gosh was I silly for having those worries. He wants to be so involved and is already very protective and proud of her. I have captured some of his boastings on video to remind of this should he forget how much he loves his sister come the teenage years.

I am truly very happy for you Kate!!

lbh. said...

whenever we talk names, chris will let me get through about three girl ones before he says, "it's so cute that you think we might have a girl." apparently his family don't make many girl babies either. or so everyone's telling me . . . suckahs.

Lene said...

Congratulations again! Like you, my DH's family has a long line of boys. So while we would love for # 3 (somewhere way down the road) to be a girl - we aren't holding our breathe.

Very sweet little man you have...taking care of his mama!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, this is precious! And I'll tell you, as a mom of boys, I am so happy for anyone that has a girl. I would think your friends should be the same way. It almost becomes an "expected" thing for us to say "maybe we'll try for a girl someday" but we REALLY know that we'd love a boy just the same. Honestly I can't imagine bringing a girl in this house now! We've always thought about adopting a girl someday and now I think it would make more sense to adopt a BOY!

Congrats to you! Can't wait to hear your name ideas!


katieandboys said...

I don't know you put linked onto your blog from a friends friend-- I have three boys and didn't find out on the fourth-- and were surprised to have a little baby girl! She is two months old- and it is heaven! You will love it!