26 March 2007

a new home.

well, we've started looking for a new house. our house is pretty dang small and is feeling smaller all the time. especially when thinking of TWO kids running around here!

lately we've been working on getting the house ready to be shown. we have to get rid of all the clutter and *stuff* which is so hard to do in a small house. only so many places to stash stuff. the funny thing is we're like, "why didn't we do this before?" the place looks so much better. neater. it feels good. like the energy can flow. like my brain has more space even as my rooms do.

while i am hopeful of finding something great, i'm also sad at the thought of leaving this house. it's our first home. we became a family here. and it's a great house. really great. fits our personality and we've put our stamp on it. painted the kitchen funky colors. i wish i could magically make it bigger!

i'm a worrier and try as i might i just can't stop stressing over how it is all going to happen--how do people buy and sell at the same time!? it seems crazy to think it could all actually go down at the same time. neat and tidy.

like my dining room is now.

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sari said...

I remember when we were selling our first home (it had gotten to small for our growing family) I felt the same way.

It is sad because you have so many memories in your home, but you can buy and sell at the same time, and you do grow to love your new home for all the new memories you'll make there.

Good luck!

PS I wish I could get rid of clutter, my house is clutterful right now.