05 October 2006

ever done this?

i love fall. the air is crisp. the sun is out, but it's not too hot. the leaves have begun to change. it's a beautiful fall day in new england and i'm feelin' a little sassy. got a spring in my step.

my usual routine has me showering after bb's nap. after his nap he likes to "rest" in his crib. he looks at books, listens to music or stories. his current favorite CD is Victor Vito by Laurie Berkner and lord help me if she were here i may have to have words with her. don't get me wrong, her music is fun and kids love it. she sings about nothing, which they seem to like. but, man. her songs get so lodged in my head that one of these days i'm gonna crack and it's going to be ugly. she keeps me up at night! and i have fantasies of doing the same to her.

but i digress.

so he's resting, i'm showering and i decide after i get dressed to primp a little. that's right, i actually BLOW DRY my hair. put on a little eye shadow. grab my new super soft gray hoodie from the Gap along with my "nice" jeans. they fit well, are a nice deep blue, straight leg (Clinton and Stacy would totally approve--and while i'm ranting--why, o why won't they put that show on DVD for the cable TV-less folk like me?) and comfy. i put on my new black sneakers. no, it's not high fashion, but it's more put-together than this stay-at-home mom usually manages. and i'm clean! no stains on anything. . .yet.

i'm feeling sassy and good. and then i realize that we have no plans today, nothing to do. i must have something i need to do out in the world. yeah, i need hair dye. so, we go to the drug store. good thing i put the eye shadow on and fixed the hair all nice.
thelma the old check-out lady at the store really appreciated it, i'm sure.

i go home feeling defeated. what's the point of feeling / looking all sassy and cute? my life is at home with a 2 year old who couldn't care less what i look like. it should be enough to do it for me so i feel good, right? maybe. but then i just risk toddler hands coming over and putting banana or something gross on my new hoodie.

what's a mom to do?


beth said...

I think this is why I wear the same thing every single day.

katie said...

Ditto to what Beth just said. I have a closet (who am I kidding, laundry baskets with clean clothes over flowing next to my dresser)full of white and gray t shirts and jeans, millions of 'em. It's my Mama uniform.

sari said...

I went through the whole summer and then realized I only had one pair of shorts.

Why do they call it a pair when there's only one of them?


And even though I do actually take my older son to school, I usually just put on a huge pair of sunglasses to hide the fact that I didn't bother (again) to put any makeup on. :-)

April said...

That's why, for me, having a part-time job has been both therapeutic and made me appreciate the knee-biter more.

If I was a SAHM, I would not be a happy camper. Working just part-time gives me incentive to do things for myself that I wouldn't otherwise do... such as get good skin care products, buy something nice every once in a while, interact with others outside of the house.

Also... taking Sky to swim lessons or baby gymnastics... all reasons to get out of the house. Believe me, I LOOK for as much as possible for this little dude. Otherwise I'd go insane!

The downside to working is worrying a little about daycare - there's always one issue or another. And, Sky has been called, "intense" before, so then I worry if he'll be too much for a daycare to handle.

There's no easy answers is there?

sari said...

I had a hard time when I switched from having one child and working full time to having two children and staying home. I had serious cabin fever!

Then I got a part time retail job...and that helped me mentally because I'd go to work, work, and come home.

Now I have a part time bookkeeping job, and it's stressing me out a bit. I wake up in the middle of the night...did I remember this? Did I forget that? I need to get organized.

But I still don't have to wear makeup or anything but jeans and a t-shirt because I'm literally the only office person there!

I think I drink too much coffee, lol.

Lindsay said...

>>what's a mom to do?

take a photo and send it to friends who care! and who have almost forgotten what you look like!

seriously, use the self timer on your camera to take some pictures of sassy you and bb. if you're anything like me, you're so often the one behind the camera that there aren't too many of you. and when there are, you're in the middle of chewing something.

or maybe that last part is just me.