10 May 2006


somedays it's so very good to be a parent. lately bb has taken to hugging. this is a boy who has never been particularly cuddly. he wouldn't even sit still in our laps until he was 9mos. old. and he never liked the typical "cradle hold" not even when he was a newborn.

so, it makes his new snuggliness all the better. now i get hugs. WITHOUT asking for them. 3-5 times a day he'll just stop what he's doing and say, "hug!" or "hug mommy!" and he'll come over and give me a big fat hug complete with a squeeze. today he's added a kiss. "hug!" (hugs me) "nice kiss?" (plants one on me). it's awesome. a little payback for all the hard stuff!


Katie said...

This blog is a great idea! I found you through Fluid Pudding's comments. Can I put a link to you on my mama-blog? Good luck!

kate said...

hi katie, sure you can put a link the blog. and i'll put one to yours as well, if you don't mind!

katie said...


beth said...

Oh, the hugs and kisses are so nice. Mine isn't talking yet but he is definitely giving me a big squeeze (but when he does it he grabs my underarm flab with his nails and really pinches - ouch!) and a sloppy open-mouthed kiss.

And your blog is great. I just started last month, so I'm new as well. I found you through ABC Momma's comments. I think I might be linking to ya as well if that's all right. I really enjoyed all of these posts.

Zoe said...

So sweet!! I totally understand. My little guys never gave us kisses until about a week ago (he is almost two!!) Now the wet face plants catch me off guard but I LOVE them!! One of the perks of being a mom.

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